Kartepoint – Online papermaking

Karte Ltd. is a company specializing in digital design and manufacture of displays and promotional structures for stores, innovation-oriented and always chooses the best in terms of technology. We put at your service our know-how to meet your every need, in short time and at low cost. We deliver all over the country with our own efforts or couriers we guaranteed.


For us to see your idea become a reality it is the first of our goals. Karte srl offers to any company a custom design according to the type of product that will be exhibited. Our technical department makes use of the most advanced programs of specialized architects and engineers, as well as giving a fair degree of safety to the product, make it aesthetically and stylistically a design object.


Karte uses the best technology and the latest equipment, such as printer "Rhopac 700 6 colors + white" (the second installed in Italy) and the new cutting plotter "Zünd G3 L2500", which allow you to plot and shape any products until to a size of 3 x 2 meters; With a wide range of supports made of cardboard, plastic and aluminum, without giving up the best photo quality.


Our world is at your disposal. Choose what you need: design, lithographic and flexographic, digital printing, laminating and die-cutting of all types of cardboard, paper stationery assemblies, filling exhibitors.


floor displays made of cardboard and durable materials, counter displays, window displays, exhibitors with charging system, billboards showcase, totem advertising, promotional stands, promotional areas.


We are always attentive to nature and in full respect of environmental values, Karte LTD It decided to use clean energy for their business.
Too often environmental commitment not stop at words, and to give real support to nature, we decided to use clean energy from the sun: the solar panel system installed, allowing maximum autonomy to our equipment, avoiding release in ' environment a significant amount of CO2 and saving the equivalent of oil consumption.